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Roger Gives Advice on Deterring Deer and Repelling Rabbits

Hello Roger-

I recall seeing Roger on an episode of This Old House where he was speaking with a homeowner about ways to repel deer.

He mentioned an egg based spray that lasts for 8 – 10 weeks. Could you please provide me with the name of the product/manufacturer?

Can you recommend an equally long lasting spray to deter rabbits?

Thank you so much,

-Jeanne aka Frustrated in Framingham

Dear Frustrated-

Deer are beautiful creatures, but not when they’re ravaging your plants! There is an egg-based product called Deer Out that we use for our customers. They also make a product called Critter Out that you can try on the rabbits. I’ve been known to chuck a Miller Lite can at some critters in my own yard to scare them off because I would never want to hurt them but the Deer and Critter Out is more effective and less of a waste of a delicious beverage. Good luck!